Privacy Policy

By attaching a particular importance to its modern and innovative banking approach, customer satisfaction and security, T. Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O. (“VakıfBank”) provides its customers with access to banking services offered through various electronic media. These electronic media cover remote access to all types of banking services provided particularly through the website '''', internet/mobile banking branches, ATMs and call centres and through electronic and/or telecommunication devices that are currently active or will be activated in the future in line with technological developments.

VakıfBank undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the information it has obtained about customers, including those obtained during their use of these electronic media, in a manner that respects individual rights and within the framework of this “Privacy Policy”.

VakıfBank takes any necessary security measures on information systems to prevent any unauthorized access to such information to include the prevention of viewing or modification of the same by other service users.

VakıfBank carries out all of its actions regarding the acquisition, use, storage, and sharing with thirdparties, of customers' information in accordance with the Banking Law No. 5411, the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and the regulations issued under these laws.

In this context, all kinds of information about customers is obtained, used, stored in order to provide our customers with a better banking experience and to fulfil our obligations clearly defined in the law and is shared with third-parties if any support services are received from third-parties to provide the service. Customers’ information are not shared with third-parties, except for sharing made within the scope of the relevant legal legislation and the requests and instructions of the customers. For any information sharing with third-parties carried out as a mandatory phase of the service to be provided to the customer or upon the customer's direct request and instruction, Vakıfbank is committed to ensuring that the policies and standards of third-parties regarding information security are at least at its own level.

In addition to these principles, real-person customers' information is processed only in accordance with the purpose of fulfilling the service claimed by the customer, and if there is no express consent from the customer, such information is not made subject to efforts such as marketing and / or offering products that fall outside the scope of the customer's service claim. In the event that personal data is captured by malicious and unauthorized persons, Vakıfbank will inform the relevant customers related thereto as provided for in the Law No. 6698.
You can access our detailed disclosure text regarding how VakıfBank processes real-person customers' information, under the heading “Protection of Personal Data”.

On the other hand, some of our electronic service channels may occasionally contain links to some non-VakıfBank electronic media such as third-party websites. The commitments and principles contained in the VakıfBank Privacy Policy apply only to VakıfBank electronic service channels and do not cover other third-party media. Other electronic media that may be directed by such links may have different and specific privacy assurance and terms of use related to use, and such terms may correspond to a lower level of security than those provided by VakıfBank.

Accordingly, T. Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O. cannot be held liable for any information usage, ethical principles, confidentiality principles, qualification and service quality of any third-party electronic media used in our electronic service channels for advertisement, banner, content or other purposes and any material/non-material damages and losses that may occur in such media. Every customer using VakıfBank electronic service channels is deemed to have committed to accept the abovementioned terms and conditions.