VakıfBank Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small data files that internet sites sent to the computers or mobile devices of visitors of these websites. Web sites can increase the efficiency by reading these data files created at visitor’s first connection and promptly reloading user preferences like language.

What are the Types of Cookies?

Cookies are divided into two types as temporary and permanent cookies for their validity period. Session cookies are data files created during user’s website visits, stored user's preferences during this visit, and automatically deleted when the visit ends and the user leaves the site. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are not deleted by the end of visit and continue to live until the validity period ends in the folder reserved for this job on the user's device. User preferences stored in this data file are loaded by reading from this file the next time the user connects, and in this way the user is provided with a faster and more efficient website experience.

Both session and persistent cookies can be used in VakıfBank websites and mobile applications for the following purposes:

  • Website security management
  • Ensuring the website and application functions as expected
  • Monitoring performance of website and application
  • Saving time by remembering user preferences

Are Cookies are Mandatory

Internet browsers on computers or mobile devices allow cookies by default. These cookie settings allow websites to enhance user experience by using this feature. Users can change the cookie settings and prevent using of cookies partially or completely with methods varying according to the type of internet browsers on their devices. The methods of changing the cookie usage preferences can always be learned from the relevant service provider.

Cookies used by VakıfBank can be partially or completely blocked by our users, just like those of other internet sites. However, we don’t recommend blocking cookies used in our websites of applications, because almost all of our cookies designed for proper functioning of the website or application, and blocking them may result in some unexpected malfunctioning.

Do VakıfBank Cookies Store My Confidential Information?

VakıfBank does not store its website or application users' confidential information through cookies. Our cookies only contain information about user’s visit history and do not access files stored on user’s computer or mobile device.