Since our establishment, we strived to utilize the resources of the foundation in the best ways possible in terms of economic development needs. Through our compassionate banking philosophy, we support education, culture & arts and sports programs that are accessible to the whole society and we work for developing programs and solutions regarding these issues with socioeconomic development of Turkey.

Inspired by our deeply-rooted and inherited foundation culture, we continue to support the socio-economic development of our society and continue to be the strength by our country. In line with our Compassionate Banking and the strength by the stakeholders approaches, we are developing projects which provide benefits to all segments of the society. We make our social responsibility investments in accordance with the Social Responsibility Policy and the Donation and Aid Policy, in which we focus on the areas that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

As VakıfBank, in line with our social responsibility framework in 2017, we continued to conduct significant projects on social responsibility and create value through projects that touch the lives of the society.

Support for Volleyball

VakıfBank has been supporting women’s volleyball for more than 30 years in order to promote the benefits of sports. We believe that team sports are tools for young people to socialize, have orderly lives, gain healthy habits and to adopt the solidarity culture needed for group work. Thus, VakıfBank invests in volleyball, the most successful of the team sports in Turkey.

As VakıfBank, we are proud to continue supporting one of the longest-running corporate social responsibility projects in sports. We have been supporting the VakıfBank Women's Volleyball Team with a world-class exemplary sponsorship approach for over 32 years. The team continues to inspire the empowerment of women in Turkey and to be a source of pride throughout the country.

VakıfBank Women's Volleyball Team capped the year 2017 as the Europe and World champion and made history in Turkish sports. This year, our team won European Champions League for the third time in a row and the Club World Championship for the second time, unbeaten, and reinforced its position as “Turkey’s most successful team on the international arena”. Thus, the team has increased the number of its international trophies to seven. VakıfBank Women's Volleyball Team rounded up the year 2017 as Europe and World champions, and won the Turkey Cup (Kupa Voley) and Turkish Super Cup (Champions' Cup), thus capping the year with a total of four trophies.

The athletes we trained in sports schools and in our youth development teams continue to succeed in our A team and the national team and they continue to make our Bank proud. In the upcoming period, we will carry the youth development activities to different cities with VakıfBank brand and continue to contribute to Turkish volleyball with a sustainable model for every age group.

To follow the news and information regarding our successful VakıfBank Women’s Volleyball

Team, you can visit the website of the Club.

Environment-VakıfBank Memorial Forest

In accordance with our environmental responsibility approach and with the aim of leaving a better world for the next generations, we contribute to Turkey's forest resources. “VakıfBank Memorial Forest” continues to grow with the contribution of our customers.

In addition to these projects, we support education and culture-arts with various projects. For further details, please check Sustainability Reports.