Social Responsibility

Since our foundation, we have been focusing on utilizing our resources in line with the development needs of our country. With the investments we made in the area of social responsibility, we have played an important role in the socio-economic development of Turkey. This year, we have taken an important step in the field of social responsibility and have collected our works under the roof brand “I am on Your Side” in three main areas: Education, Culture and Sports.


We focus on the development and education of special children in the field of education. In this context, we cooperated with Anatolia Autism Foundation and supported the Autism Early Intervention Basic Training, Follow-up and Research Services Center in İzmir. In cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, we undertook the construction of a total of 19 mechatronics and mind games workshops within Science and Art Education Centers (BİLSEM). We will continue to support studies in this field in order to support the development of gifted children in Mechatronics and Mind Games workshops.


In 2018, we established VakıfBank Culture Publications (VBKY) with the aim of transferring our rich cultural heritage to future generations accurately and delivering notable works in the field of humanities from all over the World to the readers in our country. With our motto “Ve Benzersiz Kitap/And Unique Book”, we commit to publish works which are not found elsewhere. Our criteria for publishing in VBKY includes valid and reliable research, correct use of language and having reliable references.


We have been supporting sports as well as sportswomen for over 32 years. It is widely accepted that team sports contribute to many areas such as the physical development of children and young people, developing healthy and active living habits and socializing by internalizing teamwork. To this end, we are investing in volleyball, Turkey's most successful team sport.

VakıfBank Women's Volleyball Team, which we support with model sponsorship, continues to be a source of pride for Turkey and inspire women’s empowerment throughout. The team continued to reinforce its title as “Turkey’s most successful team in the international arena” with European and World Championships it has obtained during this period. The team became the champion three times in the last six World Championships and is the Turkish team that has won this cup the most times. It won the fourth unbeaten European Champions League and the third unbeaten Clubs World Championship, as well as the 10th Turkish championship. Global Brands Magazine, one of the most respected magazines in the UK, has granted VakıfBank Sports Club the European Best Sports Sponsorship Award due to its investment for 32 years.

For more information on the achievements of our Bank and country’s pride, VakıfBank Women's Volleyball Team, visit the team website.

You may also access the details of our efforts through our Sustainability Reports.