Corporate Social Responsibility

Because of the foundation culture in our roots, we have an identity beyond being a bank. To live and keep the foundation culture alive that forms the fabric of our identity, we carry out important social responsibility activities based on an understanding and social benefit principle devoted to sharing and serving. In this context, we collect our works in the field of corporate social responsibility under three main titles as “education,” “culture” and “sports,” and continue to support the society with the long-term support we provide. Within the scope of social responsibility, we are developing projects that will provide social benefit in the fields of special education, cultural broadcasting and sports infrastructure.


We focus on the development and education of special children in the field of education, one of the most important tools of social development. In this context, we touch the lives of our special children with the projects we collaborate with Anatolian Autism Foundation [Anadolu Otizm Vakfı]. We have undertaken the construction of a total of 39 mechatronics and mind games workshops within the Science and Art Education Centers (BİLSEM), which we have been supporting since 2017 with our joint work with the Ministry of National Education (MoNE). We discover the individual talents of our 7,200 special talented children who are trained in the workshops that we support, and help them use their talents at the highest level. In the coming year, we will continue our work in this area to support the development of children who have been benefiting from special trainings in Mechatronics and Logic Games workshops and who are the future of Turkey. In this regard, we plan to establish 15 new Artificial Intelligence Workshops under the roof of MoNE BİLSEM, and to build Information Technologies Laboratories in 150 schools.


In line with our goal of enriching and expanding our culture and art life nationally and then at the universal level as well as protecting and developing the assets and values we are entrusted to, we have brought 18 books to our readers in 2019 under VakıfBank Culture Publications (VBKY), thus reaching a total of 33 books. We act with the principle of “ Ve Benzersiz Kitap/ And Unique Book” within the body of VBKY, and we offer books in categories such as literature, history, economics, philosophy, intersections, art, people and society within the framework of reliable sources, measurable researches, strong and accurate language use criteria. We are trying to be the publisher of books that will be read and stored for years with VBKY, which represents the cultural vision of VakıfBank, the heir of centuries old foundation culture. In line with our publication policy, we continue to enrich the publication pool with enlightening books for the society.


With VakıfBank Sports Club, we are introducing Turkish volleyball to the world for 33 years. With players having groomed through the youth setup. We still hold the title of “Turkey’s most trophy-winning team in the international arena” in our hands thanks to our Female Volleyball Team’s being the champion of 3 World Club Championships, 4 European Champions League Championships, 1 Top Teams Cup Championship and 1 Challenge Cup Championship. We also became the 3rd in the World and European Championships in 2019 meanwhile we were the champion of Turkish Championship for the 11th time. We were proud to be the team that sent the highest number of players to our Women’s Volleyball National team, which won the silver medal in the European Championship.

Our youth setup and volleyball schools, which constitute the biggest source of all these achievements, have also developed so that they are as good as Team A. We completed the season with championship in the Youth and Midi categories in 2019. With VakıfBank Volleyball Schools, we provide basic volleyball training for girls between the ages of 7 and 14. We opened four of our nine volleyball schools in 2019 in seven cities including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Eskisehir, Sarajevo and Bursa. In the last five years, we continue our efforts to expand our volleyball schools across the country, where we have provided basic volleyball training to nearly 3,000 girls.