Deposit Products

Demand Deposit

All of your banking transactions, such as money transfers, bill payments, regular payments etc., can be managed from Demand Deposit. You may also pay your bills and do your regular payments and access to your account for 24 hours a day.

Time Deposit

Through Turkish Lira and Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts, you can enjoy fixed return on your time deposits with exclusive terms offered by VakıfBank Private Banking.

Multi Currency Deposit

Multi Currency Deposit (Hiper Hesap) is a type of time deposit account which allows our client to switch among TL, USD and EUR in order to benefit from the opportunities and fluctuations they observe in the market.

The lower limit for Hiper Hesap is 50.000 Turkish Lira or United States Dollar or Euro equivalent, meanwhile the upper limit is 25.000.000 Turkish Lira or equivalently declared currencies.

With Hiper Hesap;

  • You can gain from the investment opportunities in exchange rates,
  • You have the opportunity to be protected against high volatility in exchange rates,
  • In line with your financial needs, you may exchange your deposit among TL, USD and EUR while fully enjoying their return on deposits,
  • You can take position for speculative and hedge aim,
  • You may also withdraw a portion of your investment amount under Hiper Hesap facility in case of any need, only if you maintain the minimum required amount under this facility,
  • You may perform limitless FX/FX and FX/TL transactions within the maturity,
  • You can receive refund of the opening commission fee at the maturity date of Hiper Hesap if the minimum requirements of the contract are met.