Financial Inclusion

To increase financial inclusion, we aim to create a better understanding of the advantages and particularities of our products and services. In order to bring our products and services to all segments of the society, we try to understand the needs of our customers from different segments, and we offer comprehensive financing tools by developing products and services accordingly. We play an important role in introducing banking services correctly, providing financial training and creating conscious customers.

With the advances in technology and digitalization, banking services can now be done without physically visiting the branches. People with disabilities, the elderly, residents who live far away from the centers where branches are located, and our customers who want to make transactions easily from anywhere without going to the branch, can now benefit from secure technological banking services offered by VakıfBank. We developed our internet banking and mobile banking channels according to the preferences of our visually-impaired customers. We are designing a WebChat application for our hearing-impaired customers and we continue working on putting the application in practice.