Governance Structure

The authority to coordinate our sustainability practices in an effective and rapid manner is given to the Corporate Governance Committee, which is the high decision-making and responsible authority at our Bank. With the belief that faster decision-making will bring dynamism to our Bank's sustainability journey, we have established the Sustainability Working Group as a supporting structure to operate under this Committee. The Group is responsible for establishing sustainability strategies and policies in economic, social and environmental fields, as well as monitoring performance by integrating these strategies and policies into the Bank’s operations. Sustainability Service within the body of Investor Relations Department and Environmental Management Service within the body of Support Services Department are other structures that support sustainability efforts.

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Message from Senior Management

“We believe that sustainability strengthens our financial and non-financial risk management approach and provides competitive advantage in the sector to manage Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks. As a bank capable of rapidly adapting to global change and transformation in the banking sector, responding rapidly to changing, increasing customer expectations and needs, and giving confidence with its well-established foundation culture, we conduct our activities with responsible banking approach and see it as our duty to provide effective benefit to all our stakeholders. We, as VakıfBank, will faithfully continue our efforts to contribute to the balanced and sustainable growth of the Turkish economy by focusing on our role in sustainable development.”



“With our vision of being the Leading Bank of Strong Turkey and the strength derived from our history, we continue to work to create more value for our customers, employees, shareholders and society at all times. We give priority to adapting to global trends that are determinant in the world and the banking sector. We lead our sector by taking part in international platforms with our sustainability efforts and we strenghten our reputation in the eye of global investors. We are among the participants of the Global Compact, the largest sustainability initiative in the world, we are the first Turkish public institution to sign the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). We participated in Science Based Targets Initiative within the body of United Nations to contribute to the fight against climate change, one of today’s most important global environmental issues. Thus, we became the first Turkish public institution to announce its commitment to carbon emission reduction.”