Health Insurance

Okyanus Unlimited Health Insurance

It is forgotten in the running of daily life that the greatest wealth is health. Whenas life is full of beauties as well as that unexpected risks. We can offer comprehensive coverages with private health insurances for your domestic and international medical expenses.

Offering privileged life with Okyanus Unlimited Health Insurance that no additional premium application depending on usage and unlike common practices in health insurances lifetime renewal guarantee in a short time of 3 years.

Travel Health Insurance

Your travel preparations are more peaceful ...

You're going on a vacation that been dreaming for a long time or there is an important business trip. You've planned everything at weeks ago. But you may also encounter domestic or international trips with unexpected circumstances as in all areas of life.

Travel Health Insurance covers the health problems that you may encounter in your international and domestic travel. Moreover, if you travel frequently, you can get your travel policy in different periods up to 1 year.