Human Capital

To achieve our strategic goals and competitiveness, we care about our qualified human resources and invest in strengthening our human resources in order to develop new competencies in the financial sector, to adapt to technological developments and to respond to the changing expectations of customers. In line with our human resources policy, we offer a working environment that takes into consideration the health, safety and happiness of employees considering the requirements of the modern ageer4

Approach and Indicators

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

We respect the equal opportunity and diversity in the working environment regardless of language, ethnicity, age, gender, political thought or faith. Accordingly, we are guided by the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

We support women’s active participation in all areas of social and economic life with equal rights. In this context, we signed the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), which aims gender equality and empowerment of women, and became the first public institution in Turkey to sign this agreement. At the same time, as one of the advocates of gender equality in business life, we are the signatory to the Declaration of Equality at Work, led by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and prepared in cooperation with the World Economic Forum. Lastly, we have been one of two banks which are selected to the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) in 2020.

Capacity Building and Talent Management

In order to achieve our strategic goals and provide competitive advantage in the sector, we increase our employees’ competencies and gain new talents. We implement employee development and talent management practices, perform performance assessments, offer career planning and trainings suitable for employees’ potentials.

Our performance system is moving along the axis of our corporate strategic objectives, related business objectives and competence assessment. In 2019, we included all bank employees in our performance system.

In addition, in 2019, by cooperating with our subsidiaries in the field of human resources, we made necessary studies on career and remuneration and performance management in order to ensure that they become compatible with our Bank.

Remuneration and Benefits

We determine our remuneration policy within the bank in accordance with the risk and responsibility assumed at all levels, pay fair remuneration and provide fringe benefits by taking into account the fundamental rights of our employees. We review our remuneration policy once a year, we aim to be in line with our ethical values, internal balances and strategic goals while determining salaries for our executives and employees at all levels; and we care not to make it limited only with our employee’s short-term performance.

We determine the wages and increases in wages with Collective Bargaining Agreement signed with the Bank Finance and Insurance Employees Union (BASS) for our employees within the scope, and with the decision of Board of Directors for our employees outside the scope. In 2019, when we signed the 24th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Bank, Finance and Insurance Employees Union (BASS) covering the dates between 01.05.2019-30.04.2021, the rate of our employees covered by the collective bargaining agreement is 85%.

Besides salary payments, we offer our employees opportunities for basic needs such as bonuses, performance premiums, dividends, health insurance, and various permissions. In addition to the opportunity to be included in the individual pension system in Vakıf Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş.), we also contribute to our employees within the framework of the Employer-Contributed Private Pension Plan.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

In order to differentiate in financial sector and provide competitive advantage, we offer employees a business environment in where they feel happy and safe. To this end, we support the development of employees and promote practices that appeals to their needs and expectations. We conduct internal customer satisfaction and employee engagement and satisfaction surveys.

We obtained a significant participation of 81% in the 2019 Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction Survey we conducted in order to learn our employees’ trust in our brand and brand perception, their loyalty, work-private life balance and opinions about performance management, salary, training and development opportunities, and their general evaluations about their managers. Another activity we carry out to get the opinions of our employees is the Suggestion Platform. We are carrying out works to actualize the ideas and suggestions that our employees convey through the platform with the thought of adding value to our Bank.

We are aware of the importance of work and private life balance in increasing employee satisfaction, and in this context, we organize special seminars to support the physical and spiritual development of our employees and their families and to increase their internal motivation. Every month, we organize conferences in Bizbize Chats Platform where experts on various topics are speakers. We obtained participation from more than 2,000 people in our chats that we shared with our live broadcasts through our social media account “vbizimyerimiz,” which we created to increase in-house information and sharing.

We organize special events and offer small gifts to employees under the Happy Friday concept, which we created to increase employee motivation. In addition to the institution dietitian we recruited within the scope of the Healthy Life Club activities and 20-person in-office exercise lessons we organize once a week; we continue to reach all our employees with our healthy lifestyle and snack suggestions we provide through our club. We support our employees within the scope of Corporate Games, where there are sports competitions between companies. After the Istanbul Polyphonic Choir, we also established the Izmir Polyphonic Choir. In addition, we create suitable environments for our employees to spend their free time with our theater and Turkish paper marbling clubs.

Occupational Health and Safety

With our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy, we reflect the superior value we give to people and we consider offering our employees a safe and healthy work environment as one of our fundamental responsibilities. In this framework, we adopt as the basic requirement to act in compliance with international standards together with legal requirements regarding OHS. As the first bank received OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate in Turkey, we fulfilled all of our obligations related to the OHS process also in 2019 and with the results of the interim audit, done by the independent audit firm, we have ensured the continuity of the OHSAS 18001 certificate. In 2020, we aim to obtain ISO 45001 Certificate.

We regularly provide in-class and e-learning trainings in order to raise awareness on the OHS throughout the Bank, and we ensure that every newly-recruited employee joins the one-day OHS in-class training within the scope of orientation training. In 2019, we provided OHS training to a total of 12,731 employee. Additionally, our publications on the internal portal for our employees include the databank for Occupational Health and Safety. Also, all our departments and branches have employee representatives designated for OHS.

With a proactive risk management approach, we identify risks in advance and take the necessary measures. In this scope, we prepared a Risk Assessment Report and Emergency Plan in 54 branches and departments in 2019. Thus, we completed the Risk Assessment Report and Emergency Plan of 934 branches and 282 departments. In order to increase the level of knowledge about the earthquake reality that exists due to the location of our country, we conducted exercises in more than 600 branches.

Employee Trainings

Within the framework of the human resources policies we follow; we provide trainings to support the development of our employees in line with their career goals, to create motivation and job satisfaction and to increase work efficiency through trainings. In this context, we conducted 1,564 in-class trainings on 540 topics determined as a result of our training needs analysis we make for the evaluation of individual needs and our strategies and competencies expected from our employees. 503,778 participants benefited from the e-learning trainings we provided on 158 topics via the online training platform. Thus, the average training time we provided per employee reached 58.6 hours.

We give our training programs under the categorization below;

  • “Basic Training Programs” for newly recruited employees,
  • “Development Programs” containing personal development and professional / technical issues prepared to support the career development of our employees currently working in different titles,
  • “Manager Development Training Programs” aimed at increasing the managerial, professional and technical competencies of our employees who are working in executive positions.
  • “Information Technologies Training Programs” that will support the relevant business processes of the employees working in the information technologies departments and contribute to their professional development.
  • “Online Training Programs” that include a wide range of e-learning training developed in the fields of professional/technical/individual, development/managerial, competence/legal, imperative/social, responsibility/hobby. These programs support personal, team and corporate development and cover all employees.

In training programs, we attach importance to increasing the use of our Bank’s human resources and evaluating employees as internal trainers, who are experts in their fields. In this context, we increased the ratio of the subjects given by internal trainers in all of our trainings in 2019 to over 20%.