We believe that sustainable growth and success are closely related to investing in employees. We continue to invest in our employees that we see as our most valuable assets and stakeholder.  

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

In implementing our human resources policies, we are committed to diversity and equal opportunity regardless of gender, disability, education, language, ethnicity, age, political thought or faith. As of 2017, 51% of our 16,097 employees are female. The rate of female employees in senior management (manager and above) is around 30%.

Talent Management

By pursuing a career policy in accordance with our strategy of "being a bank which trains its own executives", we offer our employees opportunities for promotion. we have contributed to the development of managerial and leadership skills of our employees along with new responsibilities, in the context of career planning and advancement processes that we provide for our employees.

Employee Training

Trainings have strategic priority within our human resources policies. We provide training opportunities for our employees in order to support their development according to their career goals and improve their motivation with the intention of increasing their job satisfaction.

According to Training Requirements Assessment, we provide online and offline training to our employees considering their needs. In addition to this, to increase employee awareness on the issues related to climate change, our employees have been given online trainings on “Sustainable Banking” and “Fighting against Climate Change”.

Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction

As we believe that our employees are the main source of our success, we strive to increase internal customer satisfaction and employee engagement. We provide a transparent business environment for our employees at all levels.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

We care about the union rights of our employees.

Occupational Health and Safety

Since our employees are our main strength, we provide them with a healthy and safe work environment and decent working conditions and raise awareness on the OHS issue.

In order to get further details regarding our performance, you can consult our Sustainability Reports.