Invesment Products

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

  • Vakıf Portfolio Third Money Market Fund (VHL) 1. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio Debt Instruments Fund (VK2) 2. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio Second Variable Fund (VK3) 3. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio First Variable Fund (VAF) 4. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio Second Money Market Fund (VBL) 5. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio First Money Market Fund (VK6) 6. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio BIST 30 Index Equity Share Fund (Equity Share Intense Fund) (VEF) 8. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio Eurobond (US Dolar) Debt Instruments Fund (VTE) 9. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio Gold Participation Fund (VBA) 10. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio Short-Range Debt Instruments Fund (VKT) 11. Fund
  • Vakıf Portfolio Lease Certificates (Sukuk) Participation Fund (VKS) 12. Fund
Treasury Bills & Government Bonds

If you wish to make prudent short and long term fixed income investments while taking risk in general, return risk and know your return at the end of maturity, you can use Treasury Bills & Government Bonds.


If you are following the economic market and if you wish to benefit from the attractive returns in foreign exchange denominated investments, while maintaining a constant stream of coupon payments in foreign currency, VakıfBank Private Banking Portfolio Managers will assist you on a variety of Eurobond investment opportunities at our Private Banking Branches.

Bank Bonds

If you wish to make prudent medium and long term fixed income investments in secure while willing to gain higher returns than deposits and Treasury Bills and Government Bonds, bonds issued by VakıfBank are here to suit your needs.

Altın Çağı Hesabı

Without the risk of theft, if you wish to evaluate your savings by gold, you can open AltınÇağıHesabı at VakıfBank Private Branches without labor cost and direct your investments by gold.

Istanbul Gold Exchange (İAB)

If you wish to secure from risk and make gold exchange for investment or demand gain without interest free, with an investment account you can buy and sell registered Istanbul Gold Exchange 995/1000 purity gold bars starting from 1 gr weight.

VakıfBank-Brand Gold Bars

If you wish to keep your investments in certified golds, you may secure from risks and buy or sell gold for investment with a high purity and certfied VakıfBank Brand Gold Bars which are accepted worldwide.

Produced in limited numbers, VakıfBank Brand Gold Bars are also addressed to its collectors.


If you wish to make equity investments publicly, at the listed companies at Istanbul Stock Exchange, you may enjoy buying and selling stocks and investing into initial public offerings at VakıfBank Private Banking Branches.

Safe Deposit Box

You can protect your assets in highly guarded and protected place by renting safe boxes which are available in different sizes at VakıfBank Branches.