Press Release

VakıfBank obtained USD 380 million through Diversified Payment Rights Securitization Program In the first quarter of 2018, VakıfBank delivered the highest lending growth in the sector USD 1.3 billion syndication loan from VakıfBank International Environment and Quality Certificate to VakıfBank VakıfBank issued the third Covered Bond in the last five months period VakıfBank issued a new Eurobond amounting USD 650 million VakıfBank issued the second Covered Bond of the year amounting TL 1.3 billion EUR 80 million French Development Agency Loan to VakıfBank In the first nine months of 2017, 220 billion TL support to the economy from VakıfBank VakıfBank issued a Covered Bond amounting TL 1.3 billion USD 891 million syndication loan from VakıfBank The issuance of subordinated bond amounting TL 525 million In the first half of 2017, 210 billion TL support to economy from VakıfBank VakıfBank’s asset size reached TL 221 billion USD 967 million syndication loan from VakıfBank VakıfBank exchanged Basel II-compliant notes amounting USD 228 million EUR 100 million EIB-led loan to VakıfBank VakıfBank delivered 1 billion 921 million net income in the first nine months of the year VakıfBank issued a new Eurobond amounting USD 500 million VakıfBank obtained USD 1 billion 725 million international borrowing within one week TL 163 billion support from VakıfBank to the economy A new loan limit to VakıfBank from the EBRD International Award to the Covered Bond deal of VakıfBank VakıfBank delivered TL 517 million net income in 1Q16 First Ever Euro-denominated Mortgage Covered Bond Issuance VakıfBank signed the first syndication loan of 2016 VakıfBank’s 2015 year end net income is TL 1 billion 930 million First Sustainability Report of VakıfBank has been published The award of “International Bond/Sukuk Deal of the Year” to VakıfBank VakıfBank delivered TL 1 billion 273 million net income in the first nine months of the year VakıfBank procured US$ 936 million syndication loan VakıfBank delivered TL 821 million net income in the first half of the year VakıfBank delivered TL 435 million net income in 1Q15 The largest syndication loan agreement of VakıfBank’s history VakıfBank’s 2014 YE net income: 1 billion 753 million First Ever Basel 3-compliant Tier II Subordinated Notes Issuance out of Turkey VakıfBank 3Q 2014 Financial Results VakıfBank signed US$ 850 million equivalent Syndication Loan Agreement VakıfBank delivered 722.8 million TL net income in 1H14 First Ever Euro Denominated Eurobond Issuance out of Turkey - 13.06.2014 VakıfBank signed 1-year term syndication loan agreement - 14.05.2014