Social Responsibility Policy

In accordance with the reflection of the foundation heritage in its roots and its corporate motto of  ‘’Compassionate Bank’’ concept, VakıfBank carried out important projects in the fields of sponsorship  and social responsibility. The Bank continues to support widely diverse areas from education to  sports, cultural publications to international events and social responsibility projects.

In this context, ‘’VakıfBank ZİÇEV Boarding School and Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Impaired  Children’’ developed together with the Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally  Handicapped Children and commenced construction and was opened in 2013. In addition to being  equipped with the necessary training and medical equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of  mentally impaired children, since it is also a boarding school, the Center provides a solution to a huge  problem affecting families of these children in need.

A-27-year success story 

 In 2013, VakıfBank Women’s Volleyball Team, supported by the Bank for 27 years, broke a record for  undefeated wins in the, Turkey Cup, Turkey Super Cup, European Championship and the World  Championship. From May 2012 until the end of 2013, the Team won 69 games it played. The Club  continues to send highest number of players to the national teams from all age categories. In  addition, VakıfBank continues as the main sponsor for Women’s A, Young Women’s and Young Girls  National Volleyball teams.

VakıfBank’s support for culture and the arts was ongoing in 2013; the Bank continues to host artist  and art lovers in its foyer of its Istanbul and Ankara headquarter. In addition, the Banks’s own Turkish  Folk Music and Turkish Classical Music choirs, comprised of Bank personnel, continue to enrich the  country’s art and cultural scene through various concerts.

VakıfBank continued to support projects for its communication, sponsorship and social responsibility  strategies. In the coming years, The Bank will continue to support initiatives in education, sports,  arts, culture and finance fields that the Bank has proudly supported for many years.