Strategic Approach

In 2016, we blended Turkey's vision of sustainable growth with our vision of being a "value-creating bank", and we have set out to bring a strategic approach to our efforts within our Bank. We determined our strategic roadmap to cover all our work within a systematic approach and to guide our future plans with this approach.

Managing our economic, environmental and social performance in a way that creates value for all of our stakeholders, especially for our customers, is among our priorities. We are focusing on sustainability in order to continuously increase the value we create for our customers, employees, shareholders and the society by managing the values entrusted to us effectively and efficiently.

In this framework, we structure our sustainability management and our efforts on three bases as Improving, Contributing and Having Impact which express our strategic approach and our goal. This three-pillar approach leads the management of our efforts that will gain acceleration in the coming years and the management of our priority issues which we identify with our stakeholders.