VakıfBank in Brief

VakıfBank was first established with an initial capital of TL 50 million on the January 11, 1954 and later started operating on the April 13, 1954 for the purpose of best utilizing the foundations’ monies. Besides, VakıfBank aims at contributing to the savings of the country with the modern banking practices and utilizing them according to the requirements of the economic development.

As of December 11, 2019, 43.00% shares and 15.51% shares of General Directorate of Foundations representing Group (A) and Group (B), respectively (58.51% in total) have been transferred to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance as per the Presidential Decree dated December 3, 2019.

As of September 30, 2019, VakıfBank is the fourth largest bank in Turkey in terms of asset size. Since its very first date of foundation, VakıfBank continues its activities towards the growth and development of the country’s economy, and the integration with the world economy pursuant to the provisions of its private law.

VakıfBank has been reaching out its corporate and individual customers in a most efficient manner through its internet and telephone banking services. As of September 30, 2019, VakıfBank undertakes a leading role in the financing of domestic and foreign trade through 946 branches, 4,223 ATMs and 325,543 units of POS that constitute its alternative distribution channels. VakıfBank has three international branches located in New York, Bahrain and Arbil. In addition, VakıfBank operates in Austria with a subsidiary, VakıfBank International AG, which has branches in Vienna and Cologne.