Customer Satisfaction Policy

As VakıfBank;

  • We try to communicate effectively through every channel by diversifying our access channels that our customers communicate with us. Customers can convey us their demands, complaints and suggestions whenever they want by our access channels.
  • While examining the demands, complaints and suggestions of our customers, we accept that they are “right” in the first place. We thoroughly investigate every issue that is communicated to us and take this as an opportunity to improve ourselves.
  • We handle the demands, complaints and suggestions of our customers within the principles of clarity, accessibility, integrity and sensitivity, adhering to the principle of "confidentiality of customer information".
  • We evaluate our customers' notifications fairly, impartially and objectively within the scope of legal legislations and in compliance with the customer satisfaction policies of the Bank.
  • We handle the demands, complaints and suggestions of our customers in a customeroriented manner and create effective and result-oriented solutions.
  • We pay attention to inform our customers in a clear, comprehensible, accurate and trasparent way with a complete and timely manner from any channel they wish.
  • In order to provide a good experience and sustainable service to our customers, we aim to establish a strong, accurate, clear and permanent relationship with our customers after the sale of our products and services by acting in accordance with their expectation of quality service.
  • We regularly review the systems utilized during the management of customer demands and complaints in order to prevent the repetition of complaints, to identify the areas open to improvement and to increase efficiency. Also we report our activities and perform quality, efficient and innovative works.

Channels that our customers can convey their general information requests regarding the Bank or their suggestions, requests and complaints on other issues;

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